a comprehensive risk assessment tool at your fingertips … finally available for you

a unique tool to manage your risk throughout the year

What is eye2scan?

eye2scan is a front-end risk monitoring solution which gives people more power and flexibility than ever before to manage their internal control and auditing activities in relation with their information system solution (e.g. SAP ®).

eye2scan is a trusted plug & play-type tool, 100% independent from any ERP system, and probably the most effective, evolutive and flexible approach for providing assurance around risk management.

What makes eye2scan special?

What really sets eye2can apart is how it puts people easily in control of their risk management activities rather than the other way around. The solution is up and running immediately, with full-scope data coverage. It gives you flexibility and autonomy: you launch eye2scan whenever you want and as much as you want, without technical skills or special training requirement. It’s a brand new way of managing your risk throughout the year, alongside traditional planned audit missions conducted by audit teams.

It adds value to your organization by leveraging the way you manage and assess business risks inherent to your ERP system.