a comprehensive risk assessment tool at your fingertips … finally available for you

a unique tool to manage your risk throughout the year

Who is in the team behind eye2scan?

eye2scan idea was born in early 2009. The original project code was then named Sniffer (referring to his unique ability to retrieve the desired set of data considered at risk).

The team today consists of more than 30 people, split among 3 founding partner companies, acting all over Europe:

  • an internal audit and consulting firm located in Geneva;
  • an ERP technical expertise company, located in Toulouse;
  • an ERP finance functionalities consulting firm, located in Paris.

We are auditors, functional business consultants, developers and ERP experts all working together to offer you a masterpiece risk management solution.

It’s the combination of our complementary expertise and skills that makes eye2scan a unique tool now available on the market.